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An extraordinary journey that takes you from
an ordinary circumstance to a great inventive solution

Thinker’s Journey is the learning platform that enables people from around the world to solve challenging problems by way of inventiveness. The techniques and tools utilized within Thinkers Journey have been developed by the gurus of global innovation. These techniques and tools have been expertly sequenced and orchestrated within the Wow-vation program.

 The Potential of Wow-Vation 

Problem solving

Systematically solve problems with
 clarity and insight.


 Produce outstanding results quickly. 


 Creativity and intuition is
dramatically amplified,
resulting in brilliant ideas, solutions
 and visions.


 Discover resilience in the
face of adversity allowing
 perseverance where others have failed.


 Clearly articulate challenges and
solution pathways, accelerating effective
 communication and progress.


 Expand learning capacity allowing
for deeper mastery of the problem identification and
 solution generation tools.

Wow-Vation Methodology


Wow-vation is a cutting-edge platform designed to maximize the learner’s uptake of, and skill set associated with, advanced problem solving and system design creativity and innovation. This leading platform integrates with the person’s natural learning styles to ingrain the contemporarily crucial skills of creative problem solving and strategic thinking, which in-turn also improves the learner’s leadership and communication skills. The unique pedology loads the sub-conscious(alpha level) with impressions, concepts, and knowledge

Audio, visual, and experiential
 Story telling that enables understanding of the materials at the conscious and subconscious levels. Retention levels increased to 70%.
 Plus 44 animated introductions and epilogues.

Audio, visual, and experiential
 Reduces learning resistance thanks to the relaxation achieved through play.
 Develops a sense of conviction as the student is enabled to control her own world.

Visual, and experiential
 Reduces learning resistance thanks to the relaxation achieved through play.
 Develops a sense of conviction as the student is enabled to control her own world.

Audio, visual, and experiential
 Auxiliary material reinforces assimilation of concepts and skills by way of practical examples and analogies with particular attention to the understanding of the key elements of inventive problem solving. 

Course objective


To empower a wide range of organizations and individuals to become better and more innovative problem solvers. For the individual, Wow-vation is designed to teach in-depth problem identification and focus, allow system and process insight, and unleash the beauty of effective and seamless innovative problem solving. For the business, Wow-vation is designed to empower organization wide innovation, close the skills gap show in the 2017 Bloomberg’s Recruiter Report (creative problem solving, strategic thinking, and leadership skills), and drive the ownership of creativity throughout the operation.


Certificate of the standard: "Management of the Wow-Vation methodology for the solution of problems with inventiveness"

Phase I: Finding Opportunities
  • From breaking paradigms to extreme analogies leads you to question established assumptions to set out to find new opportunities.
  • Sifting through the idea from all angles with the Wow-Vation tools, will help enhance it towards great solutions.
  • For great solutions you must start by finding great opportunities.
Phase II: Define the Real Problem
  • From the discovery of the basic function to finding the desired ideal function, a quest necessary towards finding the root problem.
  • There is a big difference between "to present the problem" and "the real problem", a gap between what you think is wrong and what is really wrong.
  • The tools make you see and understand the true real problem, which once defined, assures you not follow the wrong path towards a great solution.
Phase III: Finding the Inventive Solution
  • As the great Gurus and their secrets, Wow-Vation takes you systematically to solve problems with the most powerful tools of the 21st century, in order to develop solutions with inventive thinking.
  • From how to solve problems through physical changes, to solve problems with their trends in evolution, all lead to great solutions with inventiveness.
Phase IV: Validating for a Robust Solution
  • Wow-Vation does not stops here, but it frees your creativity that takes you to develop your solutions into 10X solutions,
  • With wow-Vation, live a revealing experience, from designing your alpha prototype to a ground taking evaluation of your solution.
  • 10X solutions that make you discover new worlds.
Driven by an international team
of inventive thinkers

Dr. Eduardo Ruiz Esparza

When you realize how powerful the Wow-vation tools are you simply think – “this course is for everyone.”
– Dr Edwardo Ruiz Esparza

“As a business and technical executive at IDZ Technologies, I lead the development of multiple solutions for the US aeronautical industry. We were on the leading edge of applying systematic innovation methods to the development of industry leading solutions. Having witnessed first hand the effectiveness of these methods I decided to share these tools with the world, and with that passion came Wow-vation. From its beginning in 2010 this program was born with the mission of empowering people with the tools and ideas to invent, innovate, and to conquer previously daunting tasks. Through this pathway I can give back to society by empowering individual to grow and reinvent themselves while reinventing our industries and positioning our organization for success in this rapidly changing economy.” – Dr Edwardo Ruiz Esparza

David W. Conley

“Throughout history amazing innovations have come seemingly from nowhere; we never know from where a great idea may arise. After taking the Wow-vation course, the likelihood that it will be from you grows exponentially.”
-David W. Conley

“Having had the opportunity to perform plasma physics and space nuclear propulsion research as an Officer at the USAF Research Lab (Kirtland AFB) I left the military R&D world and joined the USA based Fortune 100 world in 1989. With my last employer in the private sector being Intel Corp I had the good fortune of becoming one of their top innovation trained individuals and ended my time at Intel as the Chair of Intel’s World-wide innovation program. Having lead Intel in the increase of their bottom line by more than a billion dollars with the implementation of just 34 systematic innovation projects I decided to pursue private innovation consulting and have since enjoyed servicing clients such as: Sandia National Labs, Hewlet-Packard, Samsung, the Air Force Research Lab, Intel, and many more. Dr. Esparza and I joined forces many years ago so that we could finally share theses world-class innovation tools and methods with you.’ – David W. Conley

Why take Wow-Vation


To learn the tools and methods used by the top global innovators in solving problems found within products, services, or processes. These “secret” tools come from the practical experience of global leaders and innovators from over the past 30 years. In this course you will learn a different way of thinking, a method that you can use again and again, to produce amazing product, service, and processes innovations.

This course will help you:


See problems with laser focus:
  • Expertly drill down past general assumptions about your challenges.
  • Identify the real problem to be solved, not just one or more of its many symptoms.
Develop world–class inventive solutions:
  • Gain insight from an 80 year study of over 4.5 million patents.
  • Develop dozens of innovations around your issue (not just 2 orso).
  • Judge your solutions against quality and term.
  • Build R&D roadmaps.
  • Gain confidence that you can solve, or at least improve, any issue, even if others before you have not.

Let's take a look at a small part of the program


In Wow-vation, one of the many skills we will teach you is to carefully observe how systems are used (including similar systems in dissimilar situations), what is important and what its not in their operation, and to understand the primary functions of the system more deeply. In this glance we will show you how to use extreme analogies to find solutions for your products, services, and processes.

Do you want to know more about the Wow-Vation Program?