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An extraordinary journey that takes you from
a ordinary circumstance to a great inventive solution

Thinkers Journey is the platform that allows thousands of people around the world to solve everyday problems through inventiveness, with techniques and tools developed by the gurus of global inventiveness.

 The Potential of Wow-Vation 

Problem solving

You can get clarity andy
 insight to solve problems systematically.


 You will be able to do a better
 job in less time.


 Creativity and intuition is
dramatically amplified,
resulting in bright ideas, solutions
 and visions.


 You become someone much
more resilient in the face of
adversity and unexpected
setbacks, allowing you to
 persevere where others renounce.


 You become a much more assertive
communicator, able to share
 your ideas clearly.


 Your learning capacity expands,
which allows you to continue
 deepening the tools for future solutions.

Wow-Vation Methodology


A multisensory experience that improves the understanding of learning, where impressions, concepts and knowledge are implanted in the subconscious (alpha levels), through animated stories, videogames and graphic communication, and then download the concepts of the subconscious (alpha & beta level) and fortifies the conscious thought, through activities, mini-videos and social learning.

Audio, visual & vivencial
 Story telling that allows the understanding at a conscious and subconscious level of the material.
Increase retention to levels of 70%.
 Also 44 intro and animated epilogues.

Audio, visual & vivencial
 Eliminates the resistance to learning thanks to the relaxation that is achieved by playing.
 Develop a state of conviction, where the students perceive that they manage to do everything by themselves.

visual & vivencial
 Landing of the concepts, applying them to practical uses and own projects and ideas.
 Friendly approach to the understanding of concepts and a repetition through various means of communication.

Audio, visual & vivencial
 The understanding of the concepts is reinforced and extended with the help of practical examples.
 With particular attention to understand the key elements of creative problem solving.

Course objective


Where Animated Shorts & gamming create extraordinary worlds to live the experience of the journey towards the solution of problems with inventiveness. This 11-week course will create a great change in the way one works to solve problems, how life looks before them and how to pursue great objectives.

In this course you can develop empathy for the client and their perceptions to create products and services that they want and need. You will obtain the most powerful tools of the global inventive gurus, in a practical and simple way, that will systematically lead you to generate the best of you, to develop original ideas with a great intuition to create value.


Certificate of the standard: "Management of the Wow-Vation methodology for the solution of problems with inventiveness"

Phase I: Finding Opportunities
  • From breaking paradigms to extreme analogies leads you to question established assumptions to set out to find new opportunities.
  • Sifting through the idea from all angles with the Wow-Vation tools, will help enhance it towards great solutions.
  • For great solutions you must start by finding great opportunities.
Phase II: Define the Real Problem
  • From the discovery of the basic function to finding the desired ideal function, a quest necessary towards finding the root problem.
  • There is a big difference between "to present the problem" and "the real problem", a gap between what you think is wrong and what is really wrong.
  • The tools make you see and understand the true real problem, which once defined, assures you not follow the wrong path towards a great solution.
Phase III: Finding the Inventive Solution
  • As the great Gurus and their secrets, Wow-Vation takes you systematically to solve problems with the most powerful tools of the 21st century, in order to develop solutions with inventive thinking.
  • From how to solve problems through physical changes, to solve problems with their trends in evolution, all lead to great solutions with inventiveness.
Phase IV: Validating for a Robust Solution
  • Wow-Vation does not stops here, but it frees your creativity that takes you to develop your solutions into 10X solutions,
  • With wow-Vation, live a revealing experience, from designing your alpha prototype to a ground taking evaluation of your solution.
  • 10X solutions that make you discover new worlds.
Driven by a team
international thinkers

Dr. Eduardo Ruiz Esparza

When you realize how powerful the tools are, you simply and plainlythink: "this is for everyone".

In 2008, the SME of Monterrey, IDZ technologies, developed and implemented solutions for the US aeronautical industry, received the recognition of the Ministry of Economy as the most innovative SME in Mexico. We created this company several years ago and we have the first device designed and produced by Mexicans, using the tools taught in Wow- Vation. With this I wanted to develop Wow-Vation through my participation in the national chamber of the electronic industry, telecommunications and information technology (CANIETI), initially as Regional President in 2006 and later as National Chairman from 2007 to 2010, promoting public policies of technological development and support focused on SMEs. Since 2010 this project was born to empower people with the tools and ideas that are currently not at hand to invent, innovate and undertake, something essential in the growth of people, after all, so that you can reinvent yourself .

David W. Conley

With our history we can change lives, because you never know where a good idea can arise.
-David W. Conley

Automatic innovation for technology and business. Innomation Corp, is dedicated to the acceleration of innovation and our clients' mastery of the natural technology and business trends governing the micro and macro changes within their industries. We excel with our services and expertise and provide leading edge training and project consultation that fundamentally changes our clients' relationship to their competitive technical and business environments.

Why take Wow-Vation


To solve problems in a systematic way of your product, service or process, based on the most powerful tools of the main gurus of global inventiveness. These tools come from the practical experience of global leaders for more than 30 years. In this course you will learn a different way of thinking, a method that you can use again and again to develop products, services and processes with inventiveness for the end user.

This course will help you:


Apply the skills and attitudes with inventiveness to create products, services or processes that your user wants and needs.
Use observation and user learning to get beyond their assumptions.
Find the real problem to generate inventiveness and not just improvements.
Use the Wow-Vation tools to create more robust solutions.
A group of 21st century tools for problem solving with inventiveness to use throughout your life.

Let's take a look at a small part of the program


In Wow-Vation, we must carefully observe what other worlds do, what is more important, we try to understand how to use that function that you want to change more deeply. This glance at the course will show you how to use the extreme analogy to find solutions in your product, service or process.

Do you want to know more about the Wow-Vation Program?